Online Casinos Are The Winners Of The Pandemic

Poker, Casino, Gambling, GambleAs soon as local casinos and gaming venues have closed, players turn to the online casinos. These are always open and inspire with bonuses, promotions and free spins. Various countries have come up with some ideas so that the players can enjoy a particularly high level of protection. Others try to contain the online casinos.

Spain reacted during the first lockdown and restricted advertising for gambling. Advertisements may only be broadcast at night when children and young people cannot see the advertisement. At least that is the government’s plan.

The idea of ​​restricting advertising did not come without a reason. During the lockdown, online casinos in Spain experienced an upswing and significantly more players started playing.

Lithuania reacted in a similar way and also banned advertising. According to official reports, online casinos have voluntarily stopped advertising. This is also intended to protect the players. The Gambling Association rightly assumes that advertising encourages many players to play.

The UK is also keen to reconsider the current gambling law and restrict advertising. The bad news in this regard concerns the sports clubs sponsored by gambling providers. Sponsoring could be completely eliminated in the future. The idea behind it: Children watch sports programs with their parents and thus see the advertising on the athletes’ jerseys. Only then do the children find out that there are online casinos.

Wagering limits and reduced bonuses are designed to protect players

Spade, Risk, Chance, Luck, Poker, AceBasically, every government knows that they cannot prevent online casino gambling. Therefore, there are ideas with which the players should be protected.

Germany is starting here and has decided for the new State Treaty on Gambling that only 1000 euros may be deposited per month. Gambling providers must check whether a player has already used this limit at another online casino. For this, however, there must be a central register, which has not yet existed in Germany.

Sweden has also set a betting limit due to the corona pandemic. There the players are allowed to wager 500 euros per week. At first this rule should only run until the end of the year, now it could also be made permanent.

It could be much stricter in the future in Great Britain. This country is considering not only imposing a monthly betting limit, but a limit per game round. The monthly wagering limit could be set at 100 pounds. The limit per round could be regulated to 2 pounds. This would mean that there would be a uniform limit with the fixed odds betting terminals.

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